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Soken Orange Masking Tape

General Description
Soken Orange Masking Tape is a high performance acrylic adhesive curingtape that is the industry choice for temporary protection of various surfaces from contamination in construction applications.

Product Configuration
Tape Thickness: 0.150mm
Orange color PE Cloth
Acrylic PSA

・Raw materials does not use halogen and heavy metals compounds.
・High adhesive strength, suitable for various surfaces including rough surfaces.

・Temporary protection of various surfaces from contamination during construction and home decorations applications, such as painting, sealing and caulking.
・Temporary attachment on flooring and glass surfaces.

Item Value Test Procedures
Peel Strength
420 180 degree peel at 300mm/min, 23 ºC 65%RH, to stainless steel test plate, 20min conditioning time
Holding Power
0.3 1kg weight held for 1 hour to SUS with 20×20mm overlap area at 40ºC, 20min conditioning time
Ball tack 18 23 ºC 65%RH, according to J Dow method

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