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Double Sided Tape SCA3275B/W

General Description
Soken Tape SCA3275B/W is a protective film designated for rough surface application. High resistance to scratches or abrasions and ultra violet (UV) lights with high performance adhesive and no residual adhesive over long period of time.

Product Configuration
Tape Thickness: 0.085mm
PP Black/White film
Acrylic PSA

・Superior adhesion performance on rough powder coated surface.
・High adhesive strength with no residual adhesive on attached surface over long period of time.
・High resistance to ultra violet (UV), scratches or abrasions.

・Protective film on powder coated rough surface.

Item Value Test Procedures
Peel Strength
400 180 degree peel at 300mm/min,
23 ºC65%RH, to test plate, 20min
conditioning time
Holding Power
0.1 1kg weight held for 1 hour to SUS
with 20×20mm overlap area at 40ºC,
20min conditioning time
Ball tack 24 23ºC 65%RH, according to J Dow method

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