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Organic Conductive Polymer: VERAZOL™

VERAZOL™ is an organic conductive polymer that can be provided in various forms using Soken's unique dopant design.

Organic Conductive Polymer: VERAZOL™ Overview

VERAZOL is an organic conductive polymer with the PEDOT (polyethylene dioxythiophene) as the skeleton. Based on Soken Chemical's unique molecular design technology and material composite technology, it has high conductivity and can be expected to be applied to various applications such as conductive primer, antistatic agents, and electrode materials.

Furthermore, printability to various base materials can be obtained when compounded with various binders.

Product Introduction  Aqueous Dispersion Type PEDOT WED Series

PEDOT / PSS A product in which a conductive polymer in which a dopant is doped with PSS (polystyrene sulfonic acid) in a PEDOT (polyethylene dioxythiophene) skeleton is dispersed in water.

・ Thanks to its high conductivity, the addition of only a small amount can achieve an
    antistatic effect.
・ The aqueous dispersion type has a minimum impact on the environment.
・ The properties of conductive polymers allow the formation of a permanently charged film
    that is not affected by humidity.

High Conductivity Grade: WED-SM

WED-SM is a polymeric material created by doped PEDOT (poly 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) with PSS (polystyrene sulfonate) and PTS (para-toluensulfonic acid).
Conductivity 400-500S / cm (Mixed DMSO )

High Conductivity Grade: WED-SMC

PEDOT (poly 3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene) is a polymer material doped with PSS (polystyrene sulfonic acid).
Conductivity 200-300S / cm (Mixed DMSO )
Good paint stability


Antistatic and conductive coatings, capacitors, solar cell electrodes, hole transport materials for OPVs, hole injection materials for organic EL


Soken Chemical's unique dopant design makes it possible to provide various forms. It is possible to design according to the intended use and purpose, such as inking a conductive polymer.

Product introduction Water-based conductive polymer coating material "IW series"

A coating material that uses a thiophene-based conductive polymer with high conductivity.

・ Exhibits high transparency peculiar to conductive polymers and stable antistatic properties without humidity dependence.
・ Stable antistatic performance is exhibited even with a thin film.
・ Good resistance to various solvents and blocking resistance.

Water-based conductive polymer「IW-3035T」

Conductivity can be controlled by dilution if necessary.


Conductive coating and antistatic of plastic trays, capacitors, solar cell electrodes, conductive primers for electrostatic coating, etc.


Soken Chemical's unique formulation allows it to be applied to various adherends. It can be designed according to the intended use and purpose.


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