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Organic Conductive Polymer: VERAZOL®

We provide functional conductive materials that meet customers' needs. VERAZOL® is an organic conductive polymer that can be provided in various forms using Soken's unique dopant design.

Organic Conductive Polymer: VERAZOL® Overview

VERAZOL® is an organic conductive polymer with the structure consisting of conjugated polymers having conductivity. Based on Soken's unique molecular design and compound technologies, the product line ranges from the aqueous dispersion type to the soluble and powder types for use in various applications including antistatic agents and electrode materials that take full advantage of the conductive performance. Furthermore, printability to various base materials can be obtained when compounded with various binders.

Product Introduction  Aqueous Dispersion Type PEDOT WED Series

This product consists of a conductive polymer dispersed in water. The polymer has a PEDOT structure treated with dopant.

・ Thanks to its high conductivity, the addition of only a small amount can achieve an
    antistatic effect.
・ The aqueous dispersion type has a minimum impact on the environment.
・ The properties of conductive polymers allow the formation of a permanently charged film
    that is not affected by humidity.

Standard Grade: WED-S

WED-S is a polymeric material created by doped PEDOT (poly 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) with PSS (polystyrene sulfonate).

High Conductivity Grade: WED-SM

WED-SM is a polymeric material created by doped PEDOT (poly 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) with PSS (polystyrene sulfonate) and PTS (para-toluensulfonic acid).


Antistatic and conductive coating, capacitors, solar cell electrodes, hole transport materials for OPV, hole injection materials for organic EL devices


Technology Through Soken's unique dopant design, VERAZOL® can be provided in various forms including powder type, soluble type and conductive polymer in ink form to meet diverse applications and purposes. In addition to the PEDOT structure, PANI and PPY are also supported.

Development Grade

Based on Soken's unique polymer design techniques, we can provide conductive polymers with special properties that were difficult to achieve with conventional soluble or powder type products.


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