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Fine Particles

Crosslinked acrylic middle-dispersion particles
“MZ Series”


・Middle-dispersion acrylic particles with relatively narrow particle size distribution
・Various particle sizes to choose from between 10 and 30 μm
・Crosslinked structure for high resistance to heat and solvent

Grade (Part number)

Part number Average particle size(μm) Degree of crosslinking
MZ-5HN 5 Ultra high
MZ-8HN 8 Ultra high
MZ-10HN 10 Ultra high
MZ-12H 12 Ultra high
MZ-16H 16 Ultra high
MZ-20HN 20 Ultra high
MZ-30H 30 Ultra high


True specific gravity 1.19 (Theoretical value)
Bulk density(g/ml) 0.71 (Reference value:
Refractive index 1.49 (Theoretical value)
CV value(%) 30 or less (Reference value)
temperature in air(℃)
230~260 (Reference value: 10% loss)
Particle size distribution
The above data is provided for reference purposes only and is not intended to represent our specifications.
Crosslinked acrylic wide-dispersed particles “MR Series”

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