Trang chủ Sản phẩm Băng dính Low VOC tape Double Sided Tape AS-5550

Double Sided Tape AS-5550

General Description
Soken Tape AS-5550 is double sided non-woven fabric adhesive tape with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content and high performance acrylic adhesives that provides good initial tack and offers high ultimate adhesion on EPDM sheet and other hand to attach substrate surface

Product Configuration
Tape Thickness: 0.140mm (not including release liner)
Acrylic PSA
Acrylic PSA
White Release liner(non print)

・Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) double-sided tape with far lower VOC content compare to usual products in total
・Excellent tackiness even under wide range temperature conditions
・Good attachment against low surface energy material such as PP,PE and rubber,etc.
・Excellent tackiness and weather ability, applicable at wide range temperature conditions

・Bonding of EPDM, and other rubber material, hard to attach substrate

Test Item Value Test Procedures
Adhesive Strength
SUS 1250(k) 180 degree peel at 300mm/min,
23 ºC65%RH, to test plate, 20min conditioning time
EPDM Sheet 1400 (cf) k: core material break
EPDM Foam 800 (cf) cf: residual adhesive remaining on
CR Foam 740 (fb) test panel
Melamine Foam 220 (fb) fb: foam break
Felt 890 (pf) pf: test panel partly attached to tape
Holding Power
1.4 1kg weight held for 1 hour to SUS
with 20×20mm overlap area at 40ºC,
20min conditioning time
Ball tack 31 23 ºC 65%RH, according to J Dow method

Technical Document

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