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Chemisnow™ for paint

ChemisnowR for paint

Chemisnow™ is used as a matting agent in paint for building materials, automobiles and other products.

Compared with inorganic matting agents, Chemisnow™ is known for improving the weatherability, scratch resistance and other properties of paint as well as for excellent dispersion.

Matting properties

Matting properties Chemisnow™ particles applied over the paint surface diffuse the light and produce a matting effect.

Recommended Series

Crosslinked acrylic middle-dispersion particles “MZ Series”
Crosslinked acrylic wide-dispersion and highly heat-resistant particles “KMR Series”

Applied Chemisnow™ volume and paint film gloss

The following graph shows the relationship between the amount of MZ Series particles applied over a dry paint film about 27 μm thick and the amount of gloss at 60°.
Refer to this data when making your decision on the MZ Series.

Applied ChemisnowR volume and paint film gloss

Data on solvent resistance

The MZ and KMR Series offer higher degrees of crosslinking and solvent resistance compared to the standard crosslinked MR Series.

Series Degree of crosslinking MEK EtAc BuAc Cyclohexznone To
MZ Ultra high
MR Standard
Solvent resistance is expressed as ◎>○>△>×
ChemisnowR for toner

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